Globalization’s prospects, 2017

Read my latest Oxford University Press blog post on globalization’s prospects in the coming year.

Fair and balanced

Read my latest OUP blog post on the importance of independent, objective policy analysis   here.

The gold standard and the Great Depression

See a nice infographic put together by the folks at Oxford University Press to illustrate the consequences of Britain’s return to the gold standard in 1925, the subject of one of the chapters of my new book, WRONG: Nine Economic Policy Disasters and What We Can Learn from Them.

Too many darned experts!

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Seth Lipsky argues that we need fewer economists and more constitutional scholars at the Federal Reserve. Lipsky’s column was inspired by Sen. Richard Shelby’s (R-AL) move to block the nomination of Peter Diamond, an MIT professor and 2010 winner of the Nobel prize in Economics, to the Board of … Read more

Nostalgia for gold

The Wall Street Journal has demonstrated nostalgia for the gold standard by publishing two pro-gold standard opinion pieces this week. Both are long on nostalgia and short on analytical content. On Tuesday, long-time gold enthusiast Lewis Lehrman made his pitch, arguing that a return to the gold standard was necessary to restore fiscal balance.  I … Read more