Fair and balanced

Read my latest OUP blog post on the importance of independent, objective policy analysis   here.

Most veterans speak highly of furloughs…

…except that the furloughs now in the news are of a different kind. In this case, federal employees will be put on unpaid leave of varying lengths because of the “sequester.” The long run-up to the sequester began during the summer of 2011, when Congress and the Administration failed to reach a budget deal.  Their … Read more

Greece is downgrading itself

On December 19 Standard and Poor’s raised its rating of Greek sovereign debt by six notches, to B-minus from selective default. The government’s decision to prosecute a statistician indicates that the upgrade was premature. According to S&P, the ratings change “balances our view of euro-zone member states’ determination to support Greece’s euro-zone membership and the … Read more

Following Blind Ideology Right Off Cliff

…is the title of my op-ed in today’s Hartford Courant on the role that ideology played in walking us right up to the fiscal cliff.  Read it here! The role of ideology in poor economic policy decisions is the theme of my new book, forthcoming later this year from Oxford University Press.  Stay tuned for … Read more